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Panoramic Music is a passionate music presenter catering to a variety of musical tastes.
We support emerging artists by showcasing the best new talent Melbourne has to offer in locations across the city.

Vintage Harmony

3:30 PM, 26 April, 2020

Macau-born Karen Hoi presents the first of Panoramic Music’s online-only concert series solely on the traditional Chinese dulcimer, the guzheng. Reimagine the music of today from the comfort of your own home.

Night and Morning, the Angel Sings

12:00 PM, 14 May, 2020

The amazing Jenny Lu is back to tell us an entirely new story on the piano! Accompany your lunch with the soaring lyricism of Chopin and Debussy, and finish off with the powerful harmonies of Shostakovich and Medtner.

The Romantic Classics

Date TBC

Take a step back in time to younger days and fond memories. Join us for an afternoon as Yii Ying Tan transports you back to a playful and inquisitive childhood.