Karen Hoi: Vintage Harmony


26 April 2020 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm Online
English | 中文

Sunday, 26 April, 2020
3:30 PM – 4:15 PM

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Karen Hoi: Vintage Harmony


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Vintage Harmony


Traditional Fisherman’s Song at Eventide
Teresa Teng The Moon Represents My Heart
Lu Hu The Sound of Falling Snow
Traditional Liuyang River
Adele Rolling in the Deep
Ed Sheeran | Anita Mui Perfect x Intimate Lover
Teresa Teng Sweet as Honey
Jay Chou Chrysanthemum Terrace
Traditional Battling the Typhoon

In a combination of modern hits and traditional gems, Macau-born Karen Hoi presents the first of Panoramic Music’s online-only concert series solely on the traditional Chinese dulcimer, the guzheng. Expose yourself to new ways of listening to this vintage instrument as Karen takes you on a journey through time. Introduced by dulcet textures of the guzheng, reimagine the music of today from the comfort of your own home.


Karen Hoi is a Macau-born guzheng player currently completing her studies at the University of Melbourne. Aside from studying arts management, she is an active dancer and musician, and studied music, dance, and drama at the Macao Conservatory before moving to Melbourne. Her musical journey began with the piano, studying under Kam Cheok Weng, Mr. Poon Hin Yeung, and Mr. Leung Kun Lau, before moving on to learn the guzheng. Proficient in piano, percussion, and contemporary dance, she has been invited to Beijing, Thailand, Japan, and many other countries for music performances and competitions. Some of her awards include the Macao Youth Music Competition guzheng solo championship, the grand prize in the inaugural Zhuhai, Hong Kong, and Macau Youth Vocal Musical Instrument Competition, and first prize in the International Music Festival of Melbourne.

Apart from Karen’s avid participation in competitions, she has a rich performing life, and can be seen playing the guzheng in concerts, musicals, commercial events, and busking in the public space. She has also been invited to Macau heritage sites, Macau Arts Festivals, and Macau International Parades to share her music. Combining her interest in dance and drama, she has collaborated with different art forms, including providing a guzheng soundscape for a Portuguese poetry reading, arranging pop song covers for the guzheng, and creating guzheng music for dance theatre. Karen aspires to contemporise her approach to guzheng performance and is eager to share traditional Chinese music around the world.

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