The Team


Videomaker turned digital designer turned composer turned arts manager, Caterina Turnbull is the founder and director of Panoramic Music. Currently completing her Masters at the University of Melbourne, she enjoys utilising all of her skills in order to give other creatives opportunities to do what they want to do.

She has taught private music for over 10 years, was the president of the Monash Music Students’ Society, has been commissioned by Julian Burnside AO QC, and has lectured at Monash University. In her spare time, she teaches voice, music theory and ear training, designs websites, and works for the International Academy of Musical Arts.

Janey Li sitting in front of a bookcase

Passionate about music, film, and arts, Janey Li is the Marketing Coordinator at Panoramic Music while also currently undertaking her Masters Degree at the University of Melbourne. Recognizing the influence of the arts, she aims to use her knowledge and skills to help emerging artists curate art projects.

She loves films, no matter feature or short; loves music, no matter rock or classic; and loves creating beautiful aesthetics, but what she loves most is delivering powerful artworks to people who love them. Thus, she is also involved with festivals such as MIFF, HRAFF, and Melbourne Fringe!

Want to get involved?

Yes, at the moment, this is a two-woman show. And until it starts to gain more traction, it will likely stay this way for a while. If you’d like to express your interest in volunteering, or for future job opportunities, please do feel free to keep in touch. We will likely be on the lookout for grant writers before anything else.